~Shamy Appreciation Week~

Day 5: A moment that made you happy/surprised

~> I’ve always wanted to post this concept that I have here, but when I did, something happened and the text post got eaten. I am taking this wonderful opportunity to finally make it and say that the transition from the season 4 premiere episode to the Love Spell Potential episode is quite momentous and this idea/realization made me so happy.

From The Robotic Manipulation, Sheldon has mentioned that they would be making a progeny in a fertility clinic. “Why on Earth would we have sex?” he said. By then, in Sheldon’s own words, you can deduce that the chances of him and this girl, Amy Farrah Fowler having sex is not in the field of possibilities.

Come episode 6.14, The Cooper-Kripke Inversion. Sheldon has revealed to Leonard and Penny that a physical relationship between him and his girlfriend “is a possibility”. It brings us to the idea that it’s now likely to happen, just as him winning the Nobel Prize and getting a new restraining order. The variable present here is “if”.

Finally, on The Love Spell Potential, Sheldon has point blank told Amy that he has not ruled it out. By “not ruling something out”, it means that it IS bound to happen anytime soon. The zero likeliness has now been removed and that chances is 100 percent. This time, the factor is not just an “if” but a “when”.

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